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Check out my blog for the ultimate way to cook quinoa for maximum flavour 

Quinoa, beets, lemon and mint 

Earthy, fresh, good plant protein 

Quinoa is all the rage at the moment, often lacking flavour, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way, I am actually in love with beetroot at the moment, paired with lemon and mint take the quinoa to another level, add goats cheese crumbled on top, for a perfected match 

  • 6 large beets cooked and peeled 

  • 3 lemons zested 

  • 1 bunch of mint chopped 

  • 250g of quinoa 

  • 440 ml of veg stock or water 

  • salt and pepper to season

Place the quinoa in a bowl and soak for 5 minutes in water, drain and place in a pot with the veg stock or water, gently bring to the boil, then simmer gently, when almost all the liquid has evaporated place a lid on turn off the heat and leave to steam for 5 to 10 minutes, then fluff it up with a fork, cut the beets into wedges, and the mix the quinoa, beets, lemon zest and chopped mint together in a large bowl, season with salt and pepper enjoy best warm, or chill to enjoy anytime 

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