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THE POTATO GOD!! The guide to perfect roast potatoes

Yes its true ive been called the potato god before. I always make too much and there is never any left , they will keep coming back until there all gone, maybe its the irish in me. My secret ingredients is really no secret at all its love, days when i don't feel like i want to be in the kitchen i can tell, fortunately those are few and far between. Firstly picking the right type potato is very important and they change from country to country and from season to season, if you have a local fruit and vegetable shop i suggest talking with them about what's at it best, if all else fail pick a potato with red skin, they just seem to be the best for roasting. secondly once peel and cut into equal size pieces cover them with water in a pot and season with a good 2 tablespoons of salt and bring to the boil, i like to skim the scum that comes to the top, chefs like to stand over large pots and skim them with ladles. once the come to the boil turn down and simmer for about 8 mins, then drain them in a colander and let them steam away for 10 mins, at this point people will tell you to toss them to break up the edge's but i don't, the pre boiling process as opened the cells of the potato's so they are like sponges and can absorb the fat. season again and generously coat them in extra virgin olive oil, choose you fat of choice, but i strongly recommend olive oil adside from the taste but all the amazing health benefits it can provide, ill be doing a bit on olive oil soon. Roast @200 celsius, i like to give them about 20 mins with out touching them, then turn, talk to them and love them all the way to the table

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Thank you Potato God. Potatoes my favourite food.


Nick Jordan
Nick Jordan
28 nov. 2021

Thank you Potato God for these wisdoms. Having experienced your roast potatoes at first-hand (or mouth), I can say with assurance that they were the best I've eaten. All Hail the Potato God!

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