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Take it with a grain of salt

In my life time travels i crossed paths with someone who said they felt the best when the had a diet with no added salt, i don't buy it, salt is the king of seasoning and season to the limit is one of the real skills of a master chef. I'm surprised when i say this but i now prefer to use pink Himalayan salt, i find it less salty and has more room for error seasoning than white salt, plus it has small amounts of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus all mineral needed to be replenished from sweat and as a healthy life and exercise is a big part of my life this just adds another plus to using salt. Too much salt is bad right, that's what they tell you, but a 2014 study in the journal of advances in nutrition noted that the potassium to sodium ratio is strongly linked to blood pressure changes not just sodium levels on there own. Although the true kings of salt has to be Maldon sea salt, hailing from England this hand harvested with traditional methods for hundreds of years, its the best when sprinkled on to perfectly cook lamb of beef that has been sliced and has super powers at bringing out the true flavour the animal worked so hard for you to enjoy. Of course lets not forget how good salt can be in dessert ,slat and caramel are bFFs. Take it with a grain of salt if you want, but salt ids the true king of seasoning, add as you go through the cooking process small amounts tasting as you go and take your dinner party to the next level ,why not try one of my recipes it will be next level.Here is a good tip next time you are trying to cook and onio with out any colour add a good pinch of salt to it, it will help draw the moisture out and help it cook down clear and translucent and awesomely sweet. Salt-lutations friends

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