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One fad, two fad, no fad, none!!!

After I stop drinking I started eating, being back close to home a pack of Tim tams was a regular nightly occurrence, pineapple lumps, top deck you name it I consumed it, then one day I was at the doctor and my blood pressure was high, why I asked, basically I was overweight, my dad died when I was 17 maybe it was loneliness, but it was the hearty attack that killed him, he was overweight, smoked and drunk the un holy trifecta of cardiovascular disease, 17 is when a boy needs his dad, I don't have kids but even the thought of been so reckless with my health, I was sure my siblings would be angry with me, just the way I was angry with my dad for so long. So I decided to do something about my weight, I think the first step in dieting or loosing weight is that you are serious about it. What haver I learnt over the past two years? A fad diet is called a fad diet for a reason, no amount of lemon juice with hot water will stimulate your metabolism enough have any benefit, keto, paleo, Atkins, intermittent fasting, none of these matter if the most basic of mathematical equations is not followed, you won't see any results. Calories in calories out, its that simple, you must consume less energy(food) that it takes for body to be you. I lost 18kg then I put on 8 this year after an injury and now I lost it again. I recommend getting an app so you can track how much you are actually eating, I used my net dairy the most popular is my fitness pal they all do pretty much the same thing, you will soon start to realise how many calories are in everything you are eating and hopefully make smarter choices, my biggest pet hate in the diet world is carb hating, when it does not matter as long as you are keeping track of total calories, and why would you not eat the most efficient source of energy that your body can get, you would be surprised eat very little carbs for a few days and then have one meal with carbs and see how instantly you feel better, making smart carb choices is part of overall healthy eating, rice, oats, sweet potato,, sourdough bread to name a few, the old saying eat a balanced diet still rings true, balance is boss, if its not balanced it falls over, just like a lot of aspects of life. I recommend slowly bring you calories down, say by 150 a week as you increase the amount of exercise you do, the two working in harmony gives your body the time to adjust without getting extremely hungry, or getting light headed etc, you are simply setting yourself up for failure by going to too hard or having too long a gap between eating. My goal moving forward is too not fall back into that trap of comfort eating, its almost as bad as some other addictions, think about

the people that love you and do it for them if that's what motivates you. If you go online you can get a basic measure of how many calories you a burning in a day, just google TDEE and follow. It I something that is so achievable and really makes you feel super accomplished. If you think you need help managing it, join my website and drop me a line I can send simple recipes to help so the food not to boring and help you manage your calorie deficit. REMEMBER CALORIES IN CALORIES OUT!!

In loving memory of

Mike miller

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Catherine Rose
Catherine Rose
Mar 25, 2022

Love this! “If it‘s not balanced it falls over” is such a great mantra!

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