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A chefs guide to bechamel sauce

Its probably not the biggest secret in the kitchen, but maybe I will roux the day i give this one away, I remember learning how to make bechamel when i went to college in the first week, it is the most classical and basic of chefs techniques that you will ever learn. I used to have a favourite pan in the kitchen and it was a hot commodity amongst all the other chefs. One day another chef had it and i asked? "how long are you going to be with that pan, he replied " i am just waiting for the bechamel to reduce" 🤣 he obviously didn’t pay attention at school.

A bechamel sauce is butter(fat) and flour cooked out, this is called a roux and milk

So the basic's of the sauce are the ratio of flour and fat to milk, simples. A ratio of 10:100 is the easiest way to understand in my opinion, so 10g butter and 10g flour to 100 ml of milk, I will take you through the process step by step so when you make your next lasagne you will be ready, yes chef

In a sauce pan measure 500ml of milk and gently put on the heat to warm up, classically you would stud half an onion with bay leaf and cloves, or smash a clove of garlic and chuck in a few sprigs of thyme and rosemary to infuse the flavour of the milk.

Just before it comes to the boil take it of the heat. In another pan melt 50grams of butter and then add 50grams of flour and mix together, keep it on the heat stirring with a whisk constantly for 2 minutes, strain out any herbs out of the milk and simply pour the milk onto the butter and flour, no need to add slowly because you followed the ratio, keep whisking the sauce until it comes to a simmer and it is ready, season with salt and pepper, add parmesan cheese and you have the perfect cheese sauce to top your lasagne or use a a base for a pasta bake like tuna mornay, mix lots of different cheese through and combine with macaroni top with more cheese and bake for the best ever mac n cheese

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