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miso eggplant


miso eggplant 

This japanese inspired eggplant is always a crowd pleaser, especially with the vegans, it super easy to make, pick loner thinner eggplant for good effect, cut them into quarters, some people like to salt them to draw out a bit of the moisture which helps with the bitterness, but if you pick fresh eggplant I don't really see the need

Cut the eggplant into quarters longways  then for best flavour grill them on your chargrill pan, if you haven't got one yet, go on hurry up, or alternatively bbq them or just pan fry, get good marking on both sides, then take them and poke holes into the eggplant with the tip of a small knife, this helps the miso glaze get inside, now make the glaze you can keep whatever you don't use and keep it for next time 

  • 250 g  white miso paste 

  • 50 ml soy sauce 

  • 100 ml rice wine vinegar

  • 30 g brown sugar 

  • 20 ml sesame oil 

  • the juice of one lime 

whisk all the ingredient together in a bowl, now brush the eggplant liberally with the glaze, and bake @180 for about 8 mins and then repeat the process, brushing, baking, repeat 3 times , and its ready to serve 

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